The Spirit Quest - Barkatt E - Magazine 4th Issue

We are thrilled to introduce the 4th Issue of Barkatt E-Magazine "The Spirit’s Quest"

Dear Reader,

Back in February 2020, we launched very first edition of our E-Magazine. Covid-19 was just starting to

affect people's lives. We covered all aspects of Covid-19 and the efforts our communities were making

to handle the situation. Life changed dramatically, people struggled to get basic things they needed.

So, we decided to focus on helping people get their lives back on track. For two years, we took a break

from making the magazine. But now, thanks to a bit of luck and grace of God, we are starting it up

again. We are super excited to share the new issue of Barkatt E-Magazine with you. It is called "The

Spirit’s Quest".

In this issue, we are going to explore the past to help heal the present. We will also answer a question

many people ask: "Can we trust others and have good relationships?" Then, we have a story from a

grandma that whispers the wisdom of our ancestors. And as we go on, you will meet someone who is

dedicated their life to learning about spiritual and eco-friendly ways of living. We will also talk about

Spiritual Practices that can help you overcome negative thoughts. You will learn about Akashic Records,

which can tell the story of your whole life. We are introducing a modern Soul Healer and Mentor who is

breaking the mold of what astrologers are usually like. We will talk about Astrology, why it is getting

popular, and if it really has answers to all our questions.

Spiritual wellness is not just about changing spiritually, it is about being healthy overall. Just like we

need to clean our minds, we need to take care of our bodies too. That is where Nutrition comes in. We

will discuss how the food we choose affects our health. Finally, we are taking you to a place where

serenity lives. It is a perfect place for meditation, exchange conversation, teaching spirituality and

much more.

As you read, I hope you connect with what we are saying and it leaves a good impression on you. Our

goal is to not only share knowledge, but to inspire you to make the world better. Whether you have

been with us from the start or just joined, thank you for being a part of Barkatt's journey.

Enjoy reading!

Warm regards,

Huma Parveen and Devanshu Parashar

Devanshu Parashar

Huma Parveen

Founders' Barkatt Social Media Marketing Agency

Certified Nutritionist Jyoti Rana is explaining how

nutrition affects the conditions of lifestyle disorders.


Let's peep into a spacious Healing center in Gurugram that

caters to all the prerequisites for turning any occasion into

a Grand Success.


How can spiritual practices help

you overcome negative thinking ?

Does Spiritual Practices have the Power of Overcoming

Negative Thinking. Let's understand by Soma Chatterjee

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Let's meet a versatile individual who has committed their

life to investigating and disseminating various facets of

spiritual and eco-friendly existence.


Dr. Megha Goel:

The Divinesoulss

A contemporary Soul Healer and Illuminating Mentor,

who shattered the conventional image associated with

astrologers' attire.


Whispers of the Ancestors - A

Journey of Family Constellation

Dr. Shoma Jain narrates a tale of rural inhabitants, in which

the family constellation has profoundly transformed their



Adnan (Adi) Vahanvaty:

A Transformation Guide


The Impact of Nutritional

Choices on Lifestyle Disorders

आधु�नक समय म� �यो�तष क� इतनी

लोक��यता �य�?

�यो�तष एक �परेखा �दान करता है जो जीवन के अनुभव� को

समझने, अ��तीय ल�ण� को समझने और ���गत पू�त� के

�लए संभा�वत माग� क� खोज करने म� सहायता करता है।


Healing Vibration: A Holistic

Healing Center in Gurugram

What does it mean?

his is a phrase I used to

hear often in my teen

years and, I started to use

it. Nevertheless, I would

always take things for

granted and fall back into

old ways and get drawn






Extensive knowledge of or close association

with someone or something leads to a loss

of respect for them or it. Another way to look

at it is, idiom saying. It was used to say that

if you know someone very well you stop

respecting them because you have seen all

their bad qualities. As I go deeper into

speaking about this statement. The aspect

of contempt goes deeper and gets nasty

with time.

I would have some of my friends say






Nevertheless, I used to conveniently







comfort of old habits and patterns. It

was way easier to fall into the comfort

of patterns and familiarity. So, before I

start to speak about it. Let us look at

the meaning of this phrase.

The more a person gets to know you, more

they start looking at all the drawbacks and

the aspects of you which is usually

suppressed or hid away. When things go

bad or there is a miscommunication or

misunderstanding, the pointers of blame

game and showing that this is what is

expected of you would get stronger and

more consistent. The pattern of constant

nagging and gossiping would increase.

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The Spirit's Quest

So often, we have a habit of growing

very close to someone start sharing our

problems and all our issues exposing

our weaknesses and problems. Not truly

knowing if things go sour would this

person actually stand up and be there

as a pillar of strength or actually go to

the length of dragging into the mud or

the space of being the person who

would betray you or let you down.

Time can only tell each and everyone of

us of what reality holds for us with each

relationship. The pain of knowing that

you have been mocked or spoken

about can be very hurtful and tough to

handle. No matter how strong a person

gets there is a moment of feeling let


So, I am sure you must be thinking!

Aren’t we

supposed to

trust anyone

or be close or

have a good


Of course!! You are meant to meet and be

part of having relationships are essential

we are social beings. Human interactions is

essential for us and much needed. But

what one needs to know is when to draw

lines and how to balance relationships out.








implementing. Sitting in a space thinking

this can’t happen to me, is being in a web

of denial. Yes, familiarity breeds contempt

so how should I go about trying to balance

and maintain a relationship.

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The Spirit's Quest

Some basic principles

one can follow:



Set boundaries at the very beginning, if it is not

done. It is never late, go ahead and set

boundaries and define your space. It could be

done discreetly too.





open and clear. Clear up misunderstandings

and miscommunication without delay. If you

are upset, you rather speak it out and allow

the other person to clarify.

Respect is much needed both ways, give

respect and make sure you are given respect


Trust is an important pivot point that starts the

process and foundation for any kind of


Giving space in any relationship is essential

and needed. You cannot be in each other's

face all the time. In situations like that what all

you would like of person. You may actually

start getting annoyed with the same things.

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The Spirit's Quest

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