Barkatt E-Magazine 1st Issue

We are thrilled to introduce the 1st Issue of Barkatt E-Magazine

f the mind which consists of thoughts, emotions, memories all are healthy, the body

and soul will enjoy every bit of its earthy journey and the learning will be faster than

Mind, Body and Soul - All are interconnected...




All are interconnected

The soul Receives a

body and has layers of

mind connected to

each layer the person

works around.

Every person goes through a challenge during their earth journey- some fear, while some

understand and move ahead...

Hence with all such thoughts/emotions/memories the body and soul bears the pain and the

process of moving ahead at ease slows down.

To be in oneness every person on the earth realm needs to understand the importance of

embracing stillness. This will enhance the receiving power and better results of the earth

journey can be seen.

The more quitier the mind is ,the more one is able to hear - the correct guidance to move

ahead for better and  faster learnings.

On the earth realm one comes for better and quicker learnings to move ahead towards light,

towards oneness...to merge into it....

6 B A R K A T T | F E B R U A R Y 2 0 2 0

W W W . B A R K A T T . I N

the rest... while some get stuck and find difficulty in moving because the mind is

surrounded with ego, resentment, guilt, hurts. To break this chain the soul has to work

hard, find the light soul to receive help and then move ahead.


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